26 August 2011

How it all began

We all stare at the sky sometimes. Don't you? Don't you wonder how it's like, what's up there? Now science has taken over and we all know about the planets and the stars and the moon but...somewhere thousands and thousands of years ago, thousands and thousands of worlds away...in that somewhere...things were quite different.

Everyone knew about the people of the sky. How could someone not know? There was no sun, rain, thunder, snow without them. They controlled it all but most of all they protected it all. It all started when the Moon and the Sun married. The Moon was the most beautiful queen one's ever seen, dark blue eyes with a long light blue dress made of silk and her glittering black long hair falling over her shoulders and her husband, the Sun was a handsome man with golden eyes, broad bronze shoulders and blinding blond hair. They looked wonderful together and they loved each other very much but they did keep their promise to show themselves every 12 hours, sometimes the Sun showed himself longer than the Moon and the other way around.

The Sun and the Moon had two beautiful sons. The oldest was called Tempera, when he awake he was warm and glowing, when asleep he was cold and sometimes even frosty. He liked to sleep 3 months, be awake 3 months and in between he would be half asleep. That's how Earth, the lazy old man that held it all together, and the people living on him, experienced cold and hot temperatures and sometimes something in between.

The younger son was named Stallera. He was a beautiful young man and his eyes always glittered. He controlled the Stars on the Sky, the Kingdom of his family and always kept them in piece with the Cloud people.

The Sky Family lived happily in its crystal castle and for so many years it didn´t change. But, one day it seemed that more luck was in its way.

One day Stallera, at the age of 20, hunting a snow deer, was lost in the woods of the Falling stars. Before he knew it he came across a small cottage surrounded by beautiful creatures and singing birds. He knocked on the colorful flowery door, the door opened...and his eyes shined even more. Before him stood a beautiful maid, her hair long and colorful as the rainbow, her eyes green like a freshly grown clover, her lips red as a plucked cherry and her voice as she spoke:

'May I help you?'

'I..I' Our young man was lost as he had never seen such beauty and he never thought of the words he'd say when he would actually see one. 'I am lost.'

'That's all right. Luckily you found me. Come inside, tell me about your home and I will guide you there.'

Once inside the house, Stallera refused to come out without taking the girl's hand. And so in only a month Stallera had a wonderful wedding with his beautiful Miera at his side. His parents cried tears of fire and water in his happiness, his brother was awake for seven months and all the Stars and Clouds danced and laughed and shined in his honor.

Stallera and Miera lived fond of each other for many months. One day when Stallera was watching Miera pluck some roses in the garden of the Dawn, she looked at him and said:

'You love me don't you?'

'Yes, I love you with all my heart.'

'Then, you will tell me what I am about to ask you?'


'Where do your parents keep their glow?'

'Why do you want to know?'

'I have always wandered how they do it, how can the Sun be so bright all the time and how can the Moon be so mysterious?'

'It's their secret, I must say.' Stallera knew of course but he also knew how much his parents counted on his trust to never tell anyone their wonders.

'But you said you'd tell me everything.'

'I did, didn't I'?'

She smiled at him, her cheeks so sweet that even the roses stared at her.

'All right' said Stallera.' They keep their glow in a box under their bed.' They are not allowed to open it at the same time as the power of the two might ruin the Earth.'

'How do they open the box?'

'With the medallion that my mother wears, the crescent, and the golden ring that my father wears.'

'How sweet.' She added as she smiled at him shyly.

'Now I believe I deserve a kiss.' And Stallera took hold of his wife and kissed her so passionately that all the daisies looked away.

25 August 2011

How could Stallera have known what he had just done? He unfortunately found out soon enough.

One night the screams woke him up. His beloved wife was not lying next to him and so his worries grew stronger. He picked up his sword and ran to the place where the screaming was coming from. It wasn't in the main hall of the castle nor in the gardens where Stallera thought it was coming from. The screaming was coming from upstairs, where his parents slept. It was in their room! He ran as the screaming continued, it was a woman screaming but it was so high that he wasn't sure if it was Miera's or his mother's. But it was definitely one of the two. He reached the bedroom door. It was closed. He broke in and found himself in...an empty room. The screaming was gone.

'Mother? Miera?' He walked with caution in the bedroom, as big as a ballroom, as danger could be hiding in any corner. He continued calling out for their names as he walked around surrounded by the golden glittering furniture and walls. The floor was dark blue with shining starts representing his mother's favorite place. Something made him reach the sky silk bed and look under it. The box! The box was open and empty. Fear struck him. His mother and father were in danger. He felt guilty and betrayed but he knew he had to trust Miera, maybe curiosity took over and she made a mistake. Maybe his parents wanted to show her how it could go wrong but they were all safe and sound. Tempera, he thought. He ran down the stairs shouting 'Savers! Savers!' but no guards showed themselves. 'Tempera!' He shouted as he broke into his brother's room. No one was there. Where was everyone? What was happening? He realized it was suddenly light outside. How could that be? It was supposed to be night. Who was doing this? His mother? His father? It was cold, suddenly it was freezing. Stallera rubbed his naked arms and continued his search through the whole castle.

He found no one, not a Saver, a Servant nor anyone from his Kingdom. He felt alone, desperate and lost. He needed help but no one was there to guide him. No one.

Stallera was about to leave the crystal castle to find the people of the Stars or Clouds and ask them to lend him a hand. Before he could step foot out of the castle he heard a voice.

'Stallera my love!' He turned around and there she stood.

'Miera!' He ran towards her happy to see someone at last. 'Thank the worlds you are unharmed.' He stopped when he realized she wasn't welcoming his embrace.

'Miera?' He looked at her. It was his wife indeed but she was different. Her rainbow hair was now black and white. Her cherry lips were now rotting prunes, her eyes were dark grey and her face...'Who are you?'

'I am your love.' Even her voice was cruel and rude.

'I don't understand. What is happening? Where are my parents? Where is Tempera?'

She started laughing. A laugh that stabbed Stallera in his heart over and over.

'You pitiful little creature! Oh how in love I am Stallera, oh darling kiss me, love me, hug me. Pah! But I must admit, I was very good at it and you fell for me like a...falling star?' She laughed again.

'Why are you doing this?'

She cleared her voice and approached him. 'I haven't introduced myself properly. I am Mirabella, the Queen of the Diamonds but I am about to become the most powerful Queen in all the worlds! And I believe it is time for the worlds to start listening to me. I am now in control, I decide whether it's dark or light, cold or warm, freezing or hot! I decide everything and you and your meaningless family will rot in a dungeon. I can't kill you unfortunately as that would disturb the universe. I can't kill the Sun and the Moon but I can use their power to do whatever I want. And now my darling, it is time for you to join your family and let the real leader take over.'

Stallera drew his sword. 'Never witch!' He tried to strike her but she was faster hitting him with a powerful rainstorm. He stood up and attacked her but she protected herself with ice and hit him again this time with a sand twister. They continued fighting as they chased each other in the walls of the castle ending up on the highest balcony. Stallera was a powerful man who had fought in many battles and his strength was divine. But the witch was using his parents' and his brother's powers. Stallera was eventually defeated, crashing down on the balcony floor. His sword out of reach as the witch stood over him ready to strike him with a lightning bolt. He now noticed the medallion around her neck. She was wearing some kind of diamond necklace and Stallera remembered a story his grandmother once told him.

She was about to strike. Suddenly she stopped. 'No' she said smiling 'I have a better plan for you.' She created a snowstorm attacking Stallera with frost and biting wind. He was too weak to fight back. She took him by his neck as he felt like a puppet. She took his sword and approached the edge of the balcony.

'Look down Stallera!' She threw his sword down. He couldn't look, he was frozen but he knew what she was about to do. He knew what he had to do and he had to be quick about it.

'You are going down my love. I am sending you to Earth, to die alone, desperate and scared among those who will not understand your character.'

She let go of him but not before he grabbed her necklace breaking the chain, diamonds flying in all directions and the witch screaming so hard it almost made his ears explode.

'I will destroy you for that Stallera! I will be watching you!' she shouted as her voice weakened in his ears. Stallera was falling and falling everything too fast to see. He wanted to stop falling and hold on to something but it was in vain. He suddenly felt a force under his back. He was not falling anymore. He was floating on air.

'What are you doing here my son?' said a low, slow voice. Stallera couldn't see him but he knew who he was talking to.

'I was thrown down by the Witch of Diamonds. She took hold of my family and is sending me to you to meet my doom.'

'I am offended by that remark. Earth is not doom.'

'I apologize for offending you. Can you help me?'

'I am sorry my child. I cannot send you up. I can only land you safely on my ground.'

'Can you stop the witch from controlling you? She controls the weather, the Sun and the Moon. She can send a snow blizzard and kill everyone under your protection.'

'I will see to that. She will not hurt my children.'

'Thank you.'

'We will speak again child.' And with these last words Stallera saw nothing more but air, water and dirt.

19 June 2011


This is one of my first stories ever written and my first book.

I'm gonna tell you an old story
So very old, not from this century
It's very long but it has to be
So sit down and listen to me